Where is my Uniform?
By Bill Holliday, Service Director

During a recent negotiation session with the Kroger Co., it came to our attention that there may be some confusion about the employees responsibilities concerning uniforms that are required by the employer. These uniforms consist of shirts, smocks, and aprons. Kroger contracts call for the company to furnish any uniform deemed necessary by the employer at no cost to the employee. Full time employees are to receive 3 uniforms, and part time employees are to receive 2 uniforms.

The appearance of the uniform is the employees responsibility. It is not the employees responsibility, however, to replace old uniforms. The company is to replace old uniforms as necessary, provided the employee turns in the old uniforms for new ones. If you contact your store manager to order new uniforms and dont receive them in a reasonable amount of time, then contact your zone manager and union representative.

Uniforms are addressed in some way in all of our retail contracts. Although these contracts may not have language identical to Kroger contracts, they deal with uniforms in the same manner, that is, the employer furnishes the uniform at no cost to the employee, and the employee keeps up the appearance of the uniform.